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Our Wealth Management Process

True Wealth Management is often regarded as the sole territory of the "Rich" or America’s Top Families. Nothing could be further from the Truth!! Wealth is created over time and proper care needs to be taken in establishing, maintaining and transferring your wealth. Our proven process coordinates many disciplines such as Financial Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning and Investment Management to bring about the realization of your Financial Vision. Our Process involves the following steps:

Introductory Meeting

Designed to see if we are a match for what you are seeking and to see if you are a good fit for our practice.

Discovery Meeting

We help you to develop or refine your financial vision based upon the things that are most important to you and your family. We also gather pertinent facts to get a complete understanding of your financial situation.

Strategic Plan Design

We do the "Behind the Scenes" research, analysis and planning to develop the strategies to help you realize your vision.

Plan Presentation

We discuss with you the "What If" scenarios and unique variables of your plan so you fully understand the options available to you. We also outline the action steps you need to take and establish a timeline for implementing needed changes or additions.

Investment Design & Implementation

We discuss with you the various options available for Implementing your plans and the risks, potential rewards and costs associated with investing.

Periodic Review

All plans and investments need to be reviewed on a periodic basis to update the plan when circumstances come up in your ever changing life.

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