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What Makes Us Different?

What makes Oster & Fischer different from other firms?

Independent Financial Advisors:
We are aligned with Securities America, Inc. which is an independent Broker-Dealer and Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Omaha, NE. Securities America is part of Advisor Group, one of the largest networks of independent wealth management firms in the U.S. This allows us to make decisions which are in your best interest without having to worry about conflicts of interest that exist in many big Wall Street firms. We have no propriety investment products, sales quotas, or corporate directives to cloud our recommendations. Securities America provides our firm with access to financial markets, product due diligence, back office support and compliance oversight so we can focus our full-time efforts in serving our clients.

We Operate as Fiduciaries:
Simply stated we are required to place our client’s interest above our own. This is how we have operated our entire careers and believe it is both the proper way to treat clients and a good business strategy. Trust is an integral component to any advisory relationship and knowing we put you first and are held to a fiduciary standard furthers that.

We are a Referral Only Practice:
Since we do not spend most of our time looking for new clients, like many financial advisors, it allows us to focus our time on those who have entrusted their financial wellbeing to us. Also, the nature of what we do is very personal, and we believe our existing clients are best suited to tell their friends, colleagues, and family their experiences in working with us. No amount of fancy advertising or marketing can compete with word of mouth testimony from long term clients. This also allows us to keep our fees lower as we are not passing our marketing budget on to our clients. Finally, this allows us to selectively accept a small number of new clients each year to minimize the disruption to our practice and maintain a highly personalized level of service for existing and new clients.

Our Long-Term Approach:
Due to our unique approach we foster deep client relationships and often work with multiple generations of the same families. While this may not be unique to our firm only, it shows that our clients not only trust our advice, but allows us to facilitate conversations among generations so everyone is in sync as to the long term wishes of our clients wealth.

In addition to being business partners for over 25 years we have shared a long personal friendship and our families have known each other for over 35 years. Since Stephan and Amanda are equity partners in our firm, we have also put in place buy-sell agreements funded with insurance to allow for an orderly transition in the event of an untimely death to provide stability for our clients.

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